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An Introduction to Astrology 🌟

An introduction to reading the Natal Chart and finding distinctions between the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign(s) for helpful personal insight. This workshop also includes brief summaries of both the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac so you can see how each and every sign contributes meaningfully. Upon completion, viewers will hopefully have enough information to understand how their Natal Chart is a story the can write, tell, and edit it to their choosing. 

What People Are Saying:

My boyfriend and I just got done with your workshop and holy f&ck, what an amazing space to indulge and heal! So so so thankful for you and the opportunity to learn from you! My Taurus Moon is feeling ALL the feels but I'm so happy to lean into feeling secure in the midst of chaos, thank you!


I can see that you spend countless hours researching, preparing, and pouring your heart into your work. Your presentations are professional and polished. You are a word artist and story lover that exudes passion when you teach. I am blown away by how you weave things together and offer fresh new perspectives for consideration. You are so thoughtful and empathetic in your delivery, it can be felt through the screen...when you share thoughts, theories, and concepts, they are displayed in such a way for people to examine and choose for themselves whatever they are curious to explore and digest for themselves. I think it is so beautiful that you advocate for all the signs. You remind us how all the signs are interwoven in our lives and empower us to be open to what each sign has to offer. You help remove any sort of misunderstood aspects of the signs and usher in ways of highlighting their super powers.